Best Indian CPA Networks that you can trust

Cost Per Action is a type of Affiliate marketing where affiliate gets paid when the affiliate referred visitor takes action like submission of email address or mobile no. or filling out of small ‘form’ on advertisers website. Sometimes advertisers pay the affiliates when affiliate referred visitor downloads and installs small software or tool bar

Advertisers Pay Affiliates any where form Rs 4 to Rs 50 or more based on complexity of Lead Capture Page and no. of fields to be filled by the visitor

E.g. a email only submit page may pay the affiliates anywhere from Rs 7 to Rs 15

And insurance contact form can pay around Rs 75 or more

You must have filled such forms like “Deal Offer Forms” unknowingly

The affiliates gets paid by your action when you submit your email on the landing pages of such offers

Deal Offers pay around Rs 7 to Rs 21

This type of Affiliate Marketing is Called CPA (Coast Per Action)

Affiliates make lot of money by promoting such offers

Now the Question is

Where to Get Such Offers to Promote?

You can get such offers by signing up to CPA Affiliate Networks

CPA affiliate network act as a middle man between Advertiser and Affiliates

CPA networks recruit affiliates and are responsible for, tracking of leads, payments to affiliates and prevention of frauds.

Affiliates networks track the source of traffic the affiliate is sending to the advertiser’s landing page and then track their conversions (the amount of traffic converting into leads, i.e. taking action)

Affiliates gets paid from Advertisers Offers through CPA Networks

CPA networks make relation with advertisers to decide the commission lead to be paid to affiliate when affiliate referred visitor converts on the landing paid on the advertiser

To promote advertiser’s offers you must sign up to the CPA Affiliate Networks

Here is the list of Top Indian CPA Affiliate Networks

I use these networks and get paid through them, so I can assure you that these networks are reliable



Presently this is the Top Indian CPA network with many converting offers

Affiliate Sign Up Here



This is another Great Network with Good People, they are very helpful

Affilaite Sign Up Here



Another Enthusiastic Networks and Good People to Communicate

Affiliate Sign Up Here



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  1. mahi March 25, 2014 at 2:30 pm #

    hello, as u referred us the links to register with the netwroks, i had a problem filling the company box. i dont have any such company name as yet. what can be done?

  2. mahi March 25, 2014 at 2:34 pm #

    also that i registered with a foreign company called Home Income Stream where they provide online teaching for affiliate marketing. after registration i realised its not applicable in India. they charged me an amount of 149$, which they said will be refunded. its been over 2 months now. can you suggest me how to go ahead?


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