Burning fields? Let’s Generate Some Electricity

Indian farmers, especially in North India burn their fields with crop residue which can be used for the generation of electricity, they don’t know the value of this organic resource, they want to quickly clear off their fields to prepare it for next crop season, though this process is fast and cheap but not at all environment friendly

Stubble Burning, causes lot of smoke which is not good for environment, smoke with fog creates smog and stays for several days on the surface with heavy particulate matter in it, not good for health and causes lot of lung problems, our capital city Delhi is worst effected by smog due to stubble burning in the neighbouring states, lot of soil nutrients is also lost in this process resulting excessive need of fertilizers for the next crop which is also very dangerous

Stubble burning is ban but law is not enforced strictly therefore every year we face lot of pollution, but what is the solution?


Biomass Gasification and Electricity Generation

Rice husk, wheat husk and residue from other crops can be collected as organic biomass

This organic biomass can be converted into producer gas or syngas (synthetic gas) by the process of gasification in gasification chamber with controlled amount of air (pyrolysis) and steam at the temperature above 700C, the resulting mixture produces a mixture of carbon mono oxide and hydrogen

Producer gas has good calorific value and can be directly used in modified diesel generators to generate electricity

People ask why we can’t directly burn biomass to generate electricity; because biomass has less thermodynamic efficiency when burnt directly as it burns at low temperature but producer gas increases the thermodynamic efficiency because the combustion takes place at much higher temperature

In the Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal, gasification of biomass can produce electricity for villages and can make them self dependent, more over small scale industry can be run with the help of this electricity

This process does not require lot of investment only proper knowledge and use of existing cheap technology can help to generate producer gas or Government or Entrepreneurs can create a commercial gasification plant that can produce producer gas and can generate electricity and can set up small power plants

This step is extremely necessary because there is lot of pollution being caused due to stubble burning and it is need to be stopped immediately, only imposing ban is not a solution, we need to find an engineering and scientific solution for everything, we have a solution available

Better Engineers on very small scale are already working on it, they need to helped and financially supported

Gasification is an environment friendly process because gasification is controlled burning and can be filtered, the slag (waste) produced can be used in organic fertilizers and making other products

Gasification can generate rural employment and can help in “Make in India” by generating electricity


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