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Is Your Diesel Engine Turbo Charged?

The term turbo chargers is very common in advertisements of Diesel Engines specially SUVs, you must have seen they specially write in advertisement ‘Turbo Charged’ or “Turbo” on the vehicle body You must have wondered what this turbo is. Turbo Charger is an Exhaust Gas Turbine, a class of Supercharger, which is run by exhaust […]

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Bharat Stage IV- You Find Written on Car Models so What it is?

Bharat Stage IV, Bharat Stage III, Bharat Stage II and Bharat Stage I are the emission norms set by Government of India for petrol and diesel engines used to control air pollution caused by these engines, they have parity with Euro Emission Norms viz. Euro IV, Euro III, Euro II and Euro I but Indian […]

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Your Car can Generate Electricity while You Apply Brakes

Braking systems are of many types and the most popular braking system is frictional braking system, the type of braking very commonly seen in bicycles where a rubber pad is pressed against the wheels to apply brakes. In cars the system is slight advanced, we use drum and disk types of frictional braking systems, but […]

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Diesel Locomotive Engine is run by an Electric Motor

Sounds Strange, no it’s not but actually a diesel locomotive engine is a power plant which generates electricity. So how diesel locomotives work? Many think somehow a diesel engine is coupled directly to wheels via transmission (gear box, fluid couplings etc.) and that’s how a diesel would engine works but that design proved to be […]

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