Flash Light with Body Heat; No Batteries Required

Inventor and Engineer Ross Zhuravskiy, from New York, has made a flash light which uses heat from human body to generate electricity which can power a small LED light

This LED flash light system uses a small thermoelectric generator which utilizes the temperature difference between environment and human body to generate electricity

When a thermal potential gradient is created between two ends of the metallic strip, flow of electrons starts to takes place in the external circuit, when these two ends are connected via a closed circuit, this principle is called the seebeck effect, using this principle the thermoelectric generator works

We know the temperature of human body is 37C and our body constantly burns lots of calories to keep the body at this temperature, lot of energy is depreciate energy to the environment; the ambient temperature is 28C, now this temperature difference between the surrounding and the human body can generate electricity with the help of thermoelectric generator built inside the device

So when you touch the device, the electricity generated at 28C (temperature of surrounding) is 15 mA@3v which is capable of powering a 5 mm Cree led with 3000 mCd light output and when the temperature difference is high, the excess energy is stored in a capacitor


This is very smart project and is very futuristic as the size of electrics is going smaller and smaller their power usage is also reducing, sooner we will have more practical devices powered by human body heat



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