Get a Robotic Arm for Your Desk

Industrial robotic arms are expensive and sophisticated devices; they have wide applications from welding, painting, pick and placing, packing, holding, moving parts at workplace to working at space stations for manoeuvring satellites in space

Now you can have the same capability robotic arm at your desk, uFactory has made an Open Source Hardware and Software Robotic Arm called uArm Metal, which costs just $330

It has four degrees of freedom and the inverse kinematic trajectory is pre-programmed in the software and is mouse or track pad controlled, since it is Open Sourced, you can easily feed in your own programs for trajectory and arm motion as desired and you can also use your smart phone to control the arm movements

The end effecter of the arm is a suction cup which is actuated by a vacuum pump; they also have a option of a gripper

The main control unit of the arm is an arduino board which controls and senses the trajectory and motion of the arm

It is consists of

  • solid aluminium framework
  • 3 high torque servos
  • 1 micro servo,
  • 1 Arduino,
  • based AIO board,
  • 1 USB cable,
  • and 1 Wall Adapter Power Supply.

The Suction Cup kit comes with the mechanical parts,

  • 1 small Vacuum Pump,
  • and 1 Solenoid Valve

This robotic arm can be used to learn robotic locomotion and programming, it can be a good tool for children, students and enthusiastic to learn and manufacture robots

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