How NPTEL is helping Engineers, Entrepreneurs and Enterprises?

I want to thanks Indian Government for NPTEL, I am thankful to the constitution of India, people of India and I am proud to be an Indian and whatever I am today is only because of NPTEL

NPTEL is national program technology enhanced learning, a video and web based interactive learning centre for all engineering students across the country

At the time when NPTEL was planned and launched India had only 7 IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), these were India’s premier Institutes and top ranked engineering colleges in the world, students from IITs are placed in world’s top companies and have lot of reputation and respect, IITs offer high quality education to only small fraction of highly deserving students who qualified very tough entrance competition examination, all teachers and facilities at IITs are world class and setting up IITs requires lot of money and investment

Many IITs cannot be set up because lot of capital is required, but since the demand of engineers is very high, lot of engineering colleges are need to be opened, but had to compromise with the quality, since these engineering colleges will not meet the quality standards of engineers

Government of India decided to come up with a program called NPTEL (national program technology enhanced learning) where they use to record all video lectures of all courses that was taught in IITs and upload them to YouTube, this video lectures then get distributed free to all engineering students across India and to support the videos many interactive web courses with assignments and problems were created

Many of my friends in my engineering college have watched those videos and it helped them to enhance their skills and learning abilities and those videos helped them to improve the engineering standards of my friends and now today my good friends are placed in top companies and are also studying in many US universities

I have never been a bright student and was not able to get good rank in any competition but I wanted to explore in engineering, I was studying mechanical engineering, but since NPTEL videos was also for every branch of engineering, I also learned computer science, electronics and many other related mechanical engineering subjects which cannot be covered in 4 years of engineering, it also helped in my masters in engineering and it is helping me to enhance my learning

There are many advanced and practical courses available for free for not only Indians but for the world, people from anywhere in the world can learn engineering, management, economics ,mathematics, sciences and many other things which I am not capable to explain

Industries can used those videos to train their professionals; entrepreneurs can use those videos to gain some knowledge in manufacturing and production and many other skills

NPTEL is helping to “make in India”

Those people who abuse education system of India must understand the importance of this NPTEL and the help that it is providing to all students in India and worldwide without taking any fees

I am very incapable person may not return anything back to my country and my people but many better people than me are already working hard and utilizing this NTPEL to make my country ahead and one day I am sure India will shine as best country in the world

Education is expensive in Europe and America and I am proud to say High Quality Engineering and Technical Education is Free in India and is for everyone, whether you are rich or poor, Indian or non Indian

I am proud to say India has given education to the world free and it is giving education to the world free

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