How to outsource your first WordPress plugin

WordPress is very popular Content Management System, even a newbie can use it, so if you have a wonderful idea of a WordPress plugin that can solve people’s problem and can help them in their business then you must go ahead and get it created by programmers and if you know how to market it well, then it has a great potential to make you good money

But here are some challenges

First and the most challenging task is to find a right programmer that can translate your idea into reality and at that point you must understand the feasibility of your project in terms of investment, profit, marketability and the most important thing is that, you must understand that your idea is being transformed perfectly into a plugin that will really help people to solve their purpose of buying your plugin and your purpose of creating it

How to find the right programmer

The big problem is, almost all the marketers go to the freelancing sites like Freelancer or Elance without any preparation of their idea, they first need to sketch their idea in proper form into a sheet with block diagram that explains the flow and functions required to be added in the plugin

  • First you need to list down the features that are required to be added
  • Marketers must be realistic and must research out the available technology which can be incorporated to give the desired feature, research is important because it helps to understand things better and you will be saved from being overcharged by programmers
  • Your programmer must understand your idea and he must visualize things for you, so you must give him some examples if available, like similar plugins etc, you must explain the type of User Interface that you require
  • You customers must easily understand the functions of the pluign, so it must be self explanatory and must have proper hints of functions
  • Always programmers while bidding exaggerate their abilities and they will pretend as if they understand things, a smart marketer always asks them for their previous work and they should provide you with the working demo, it is better to find people you have already created some stuff for internet marketer because those programmers have experience about your customer’s needs
  • You must also be realistic in the timeframe of the project, sometime new technologies take lot of time to be incorporate and requires lot of testing
  • You must break your project into proper segments and must allot the time frame accordingly
  • Proper testing of the completed work is most important, you must test the working of the plugin in all browsers and in some old wordpress version, because sometimes some features may not work in some browsers and wordpress versions
  • You programmer must be capable of providing support for your plugin because when you will launch your product there will be people who will need immediate assistance and some people may come up with functionality issues, which should be updated in plugin update
  • If possible do the beta testing of your plugin by giving them to your inner circle affiliates and subscribers, it will help you find the problems with the plugin before launch
  • Programmers sometimes are very frustrating, you must have their all possible contact details, and must check with them regularly
  • Sometimes it happens that the project gets stuck due to non feasibility or genuine non ability of programmer being not able to complete the task, so it is strongly recommended that you break your work in proper segments and must pay according to segments as they are finished, you must keep the option to switch to a new programmer


WordPress plugin creating is a cumbersome and overwhelming task but if you can produce a good plugin reading the requirements of the market and were able to market and sell it good then it can generate you profits many folds

I hope my tips will help you in your next plugin project




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