India, is you prepared for next big earthquake?

When an earthquake of 6 magnitude comes the energy released is equivalent to the atom bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when we move on seismic scale from 7 to 8 energy released is 3 times more and from 8 to 9, 3 times more energy is released, so moving from 7 to 9 the energy released will be 9 times…

A 9 magnitude earthquake killed 18,000 people in Japan and an earthquake of 7 magnitudes killed 300,000 people in Haiti, Japan is fully prepared and equipped to sustain earthquakes, people died because of Tsunami


Indian situation is just like Haiti, we know Indian pate is continuously moving under the Eurasian plate, resulting lot of energy build up which gets released regularly in the form of earthquakes, they occur from Hindukusch, Himalayas and Arunachal Pradesh to Myanmar, energy release and build up is a regular process

We must not ignore the early warnings of destructions, at regular intervals we have facing earthquakes of magnitude of 8 in the Himalayan region

There is an engineering technique of “Scenario Build Up”, where we superimpose previous earthquake which has already occurred on the same area and typology (buildings and structures) in present time (2015), then add the population to get the no. of casualties and effected

This Scenario Build Up was done on 1905 Kangra earthquake and very insane result was out, 1,000,000 (one million or 10 lakh) people will die if same earthquake will occur again in the same place in 2015 during midnight, the most effected states will be Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and the UT of Chandigarh

What we can do to save ourselves, how to be alert and be warned?

Bureau of Indian Standards, has suggested, building code and building by laws for all 4 seismic zones of India

  • Building Planning and construction of building must be done according to the standards
  • Regular maintenance of buildings must be done for earthquake checks
  • Rapid Visual Screening of Building must be done of already constructed buildings
  • Retro fitting of old buildings must be done

Though construction of earthquake safe building is little expensive and requires monitoring and even soil testing, but it will definitely save lives, even if the building get collapsed in worst earthquakes the design of building based on Indian standards is done in such a way that the casualties are minimum or people may get lot of time to safe themselves before the building collapses

Earthquakes cannot be stopped neither can be accurately predicted, but it is sure that they will occur in near future and at the same place, so we must construct buildings properly and the law must also take care that these standards are being followed, it was already done in Gujarat, after the earthquake of Bhuj, the law has taken care that the building get constructed by following building constructions codes

The world largest population resides in world most prone to earthquake zone, that is Indo Gangetic and Himalayan region, though earthquake is an engineering challenge but we can do lots by following today’s technology to save ourselves

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