Learn, Create, Sell & Earn Online

The whole business scenario has changed, business are getting online and they need your help, you can help them by creating websites, software, pluigns, shopping applications for Android and iPhones

Sell what you know and make your living online, be your boss and employ others

Learning and earning your own living online is way better than a day job, your limit to earn is your hard work, your interest and ability to learn new things, you will be boss of your own work and can freely utilize your leisure time in whatever way you want

Making money online is just like creating any other business, you need to have knowledge, you need to know how to fetch and utilize resources and you should also know where to sell and how to get paid.

I recommend that you should look at Envato Market Place, Envato is a marketplace where you can easily sell your creativity

If you are an artist you can sell your art at, envato’s graphicsriver website

If you are a photographer then you can sell your photos at photodune

If you can create animation and videos you can sell them on vidoehive

If you can create flash games you can sell them on activeden

If you can create 3D models and games you can sell them on 3Docean

If you are a singer or can create music, you can sell your work at audiojungle

The best things which I love to do is to program

If you are a programmer and can create, websites, website themes, wordpress themes, HTML, CSS templates then you can sell them on Themeforest

Or if you can program PHP scripts, wordpress plugins, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android Apps, games then you can sell them on Codecanyon

You can be a programmer in any language and if you can create applications that can help people to make their work easy then you can sell that application and work on Codecanyon

But what if you don’t know anything?

You can always learn to create stuff that you enjoy doing

Envato is not just a sales market place but it also has a tutorial website where you learn anything that you want to sell

Tutsplus is the Envato website where you can learn, computers, designing, music production, video animation, photography etc.

You can also learn programming of any language right from basic, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, C, Visual Basic, C#, .Net, to coding applications for websites, windows, android , mac and iphone, you can also learn to create your own games

They will teach you how to integrate ads inside your apps and games so that you can make money from downloads of your apps & games for google play store and apples itune market place

They will also teach you how to create professional websites, themes and applications so that they can easily sell anywhere, you will also learn how to sell your stuff anywhere online

There are lot many websites where you can learn anything; I am listing some them below

And many more, you just need to Google what you want to learn, search videos and tutorial on YouTube

Only sky is the limit, people are making millions every year just by selling themes and codes on websites like codecanyon and themforest, you can be the next millionaire

Earn some dollars for yourself

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