Make Some Money with Udemy

Udemy is really hot right now and you have a great opportunity to make some good money from Udemy


What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online platform meant for both for learning and teaching

If you want to learn something, which can be anything, related to any subject; example cooking, singing, writing, programming, maths, science, business, yoga, aerobics, self motivation, electronics, engineering, or everything else; then I am sure Udemy has an online course for you

These courses are created by enthusiastic like you, who are experts in their fields, you may be professional teachers and instructors or an hobbyist and want to share your knowledge of your field to people to help them learn then you can create a course to help others on Udemy

If you know cooking and wanted to help others to cook, then you can create a cooking course on Udemy, if you are a maths teacher then you can earn some money by creating an online course for online students

A programmer can create a programming course; for example, you can help people to learn and create android or iPhone apps or help and tech people to build websites or tech them to create software

An engineer can create a course on his experiences in industries with system and there operations which he thinks may help others in like him; for e.g. he can create a course on PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and automation or a course to design machine parts in CAD software like Catia or ProE etc.

If you are a motivational speaker you can create a course to help people to boot their confidence and guide them to set their goals

If you are a housewife and know how to stitch or have some hobby example painting then you can help others to learn and enhance their skills


Anyone Can Create an Online Course on Udemy

Anyone on earth can create an online course on Udemy and when people will sign up for the course they will pay Udemy a course fee then Udemy will pay you for the sales of your course and you will make money

You just need to go and sign up as an instructor at Udemy and then they will present you a tutorial on “How to Create Your Own Online Course on Udemy”, they will help you to learn every aspects on how to create a video course, it doesn’t matter even if you have never created any video online, they have a discussion forum and a Facebook Group where you can ask other for help and clear your doubts, they have very health and helpful community which will guide you to create your first online course and will help you to make money online


A Good Course can make you Rich


If you can create a really helpful course that will help people to enhance their skills then you can generate large number of sales from your course, your course can sell anywhere from $9 to $197 and you will earn money with each sign ups, of course Udemy will keep some percentage from your sales but if your course and content is really valuable then Udemy will promote it with its large number of subscribers which will instantly buy your course and there are large number of people that visit Udemy daily


Be an instructor and start making money with Udemy, as a tip, first go and sign up as an student and try to take some free course of your interest, try to learn how others are presenting their courses then learn from the community and Udemy videos, how to create and sell your first online course

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