Do you Love Indian Food?

Being an Indian I am passionate about Indian Food and I like both cooking and eating Indian Food, in early 2008 I stumbled upon one great Indian Cooking YouTube Channel which helped to learn Indian Cooking and arose passion about the great traditional Indian food I am just a hobbyist and loved cooking because I […]

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How to Play Old Cassette TV Video Games on Your Computer

When I was Kid I enjoyed Games Like Super Mario, Ice Climber, Contra, Bomber Man, Tank 90, Tiger Heli etc. the list is endless I was Addict of Those Games What if I say today you can still enjoy those Games on your Computer- PC, Mac or Linux? Yes you have heard it correct, you […]

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How to kill?

Sometimes killing files is not easy, they don’t let you kill them the traditional ways, shift delete doesn’t work or sometime they stick to a location and don’t want to move There may be many reasons why programs or files can’t be deleted or moved Sometimes during failed un-installation they are the left over files […]

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Best Books to Study Engineering Mechanics for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanics is the Back Bone of Mechanical Engineering, almost every subject of mechanical engineering will require the application of mechanics, whether it is subject of Design, Fluid and Thermal or Manufacturing, Mechanics Plays a very Vital Role in Understanding of Concepts or Application of theory through problems Understanding and Learning of Mechanics is Most Important […]

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Spot Your Train Live On Map With

Indian Railways has introduced very exciting and interactive feature on it its Train Enquiry website to spot live trains. Now all active running trains in India are shown on Map, you just need to click the train or type the train no. on the map and the train will shown with route details, present location, […]

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How your Digital Camera Recognizes Faces

Human Face is made up of many distinguishable features which separates it from other living and non living things, these features are • Distance between eyes • Shape of forehead • Shape of cheekbones • Length of Jaw • Width of nose etc Now our eyes can act a nodes and distance between them will […]

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Learn Tamil Online- with Tamil Virtual University

India is such a diverse country that knowing only Hindi or English will not work here, in many Indian states especially in small cities many people will not understand English or Hindi; this is major problem is South India because Dravidian Literature is completely different from North Indian Languages, I fell North Indian Languages are […]

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Effectively Plan your Journey with Indian Railways

Sometime when you are planning your trip to some unknown destinations, it becomes difficult to get proper information about trains or reservation at the railway station Due to lack of information you may not get proper reservations because you may know only popular trains and then you are not able to manage your time effectively […]

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How to Get Approved and Accepted by Indian CPA Affiliate Networks?

CPA marketing is very new for many Indians but it is most profitable type of affiliate marketing, it pays huge To promote an Indian CPA offer you must get approved or accepted by Indian CPA networks Read Below  the detailed process of how to get accepted and approved by CPA networks What if you don’t […]

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Best Indian CPA Networks that you can trust

Cost Per Action is a type of Affiliate marketing where affiliate gets paid when the affiliate referred visitor takes action like submission of email address or mobile no. or filling out of small ‘form’ on advertisers website. Sometimes advertisers pay the affiliates when affiliate referred visitor downloads and installs small software or tool bar Advertisers […]

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