WordPress Folder Structure

Hope you have quite enough information related to requirements and how to install WordPress on your server. Now, lets discuss directory/file structure of WordPress so you have clear idea how things are handled and where you have to upload the related files. Basically, after you install wordpress check the main directory where you have uploaded […]

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Photoshop is Expensive! Is There Any Free Alternative?

Gimp is Sophisticated Photoshop Alternative; it is Free Open Source Software Gimp has many features of Photoshop, Many people Post regular tutorials and videos on YouTube and their websites; you can easily master GIMP and can design professional graphics. GIMP is very good tools for beginners. But today there are few very good Online Graphics […]

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WordPress Installation on your Local machine/Server

Today we are going to explain how to install WordPress on your Local machine and on Server. This might look quite simple for the ones who had already done but this information will be precious to the ones who are just the beginners and want to get started with WP. Here, are the list of […]

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What Word Press Theme is That?

While Surfing Online you must have come across some very beautiful websites and blogs, you must have liked the theme and layout and must have thought to have the same theme or layout for your own Word Press Blog. It is not easy to recognize the theme unless you find theme creators links or description […]

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Minimum Requirement to run WordPress on Server.

Php 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0 are the minimum versions required for WordPress. Apache or Nginx are the most robust and featurful server for running WordPress. So, basically following are the main requirement for a server to run WordPress: Php 5.2.4 or greater MySQL 5.0 or greater mod_rewrite Apache module to be enabled.

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See How Google Looked in 1998

Amazing! Do you want to know how I got 1998 version of Google? I used “WAY BACK MACHINE”, the internet’s TIME MACHIE and Travelled in past to see how Google looked in 1998 http://archive.org/web/web.php This Site Claims that it has archive of more than 150 billion pages from 1996 It was my accidentally discovery of […]

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WordPress. What? and Why?

We are proud to launch our new category for “WORDPRESS” on our blog. Here, you will find every information related to WordPress even minors. We are trying to post every issue user might face during a website development using WordPress and lots of advanced features as well. So, for now, for one’s who are new […]

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Get an SBI Credit Card Against a Fix Deposit, Student can also Get a Credit Card

I was a student when I required the Credit Card, RBI has made changes in their policies and therefore no payments or transitions were able to be made by PayPal balance, so I immediately needed a Credit Card. Earlier I was Successfully using HDFC Virtual Card for PayPal but I was charged Rs 80,000 for […]

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I have recovered all your Private DATA and Passwords from Your PC

Seriously you too can recover all the DATA with simple undelete software unless you delete them securely Whenever you delete your files and folders from your system, your computer only deletes its path so that it becomes undiscoverable to you; they remain in your hard drive until they are overwritten by other file. By looking […]

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How to Check PNR Status?

PNR Stands for Passenger Name Record, Indian Railway Tickets it is printed on the top left corner; it is a 10 digit no. You can check your reservation status any time using PNR status enquiry by visiting this link http://indianrail.gov.in/pnr_Enq.html This is the Official Page of INDIAN RAILWAYS WEBSITE where you can check your PNR […]

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