Raspberry Pi, a single board computer for Indian Kids costs just $35

With Raspberry Pi you can build a fully functional computer with traditional mouse and keyboard, you can also attach this to your existing TV and can use your smart phone as remote, you can also use this board to create robots

Raspberry Pi is a single board computer developed in the United Kingdom for teaching computer programming to children and for children in the developing countries like India

The latest model of Raspberry Pi, has Broadcom BCM2836 SoC, with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU and a Video Core IV dual-core GPU, 1 GB RAM, 4 USB ports, Video In for Camera, HDMI output, WIFI, Micro SD slot and a USB power In

This runs on an Open Source Linux based operating system called Raspbian or Noobs

You can also successfully install Android Operating system on Raspberry Pi and the latest version of windows 10 is also supported on it

We can also use this board to control the robots, it also contain, general purpose input output digital pins and analog pins

Elements14 is the official website in India from where you can buy this board online

With just Rs 3500 – 4000 you can create a very robust computer, which you can use to learn programming, Linux, can build servers, robots, security and monitoring systems etc.


Indian Government can easily distribute this computer which is very robust and can teach children to build their own computers; I think this is more proper way to teach computers to children rather than just distributing laptops and tablets

Teach children to build and learn with Rasphberry Pi

Right Education Can Only Create Better India

Your imagination is the only limit




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