Reintroduce Cheetah back in India

In our country India, four Big Cats; Asiatic Lions, Royal Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Leopards, and the Asiatic Cheetah, use to roam freely in Jungles

Indian Kings use to show their fake manliness by hunting and killing these animals and it continued till the British Colonial Rule until 1947, resulted all these Big Cats became critically endangered, and our Cheetah become instinct, Cheetah is animal which become instinct in India because of manmade reasons, the other three Big Cats survived, though are in small numbers because they didn’t loved man, Cheetah use to love man.

(The current status of other 3 big cats is critically endangered)

Man didn’t fear Cheetah, people use to keep them in their Royal Residence and use them to hunt Chital, Gazelle and Blackbucks

Cheetah was also an easy prey for everyone, the last known evidence of physical appearance of Cheetah is from Madhya Pradesh where 3 Cheetahs were killed by this King of Surguja, in 1947, that cruel man also holds a record for killing 1360 tigers, only 1411 tigers were counted in 2008 and now still only close to 2226 in 2014 live in India, and that man killed 1360 tigers.

Asiatic Lions are also only confined to the jungles of Gir (Gir National Park) in Junagadh District of Gujarat

Indian Leopards are getting trapped and killed because of loss of habitat every now and then from Brahmaputra to Powai in Mumbai

But conservation efforts are still on; there are hard working people who want to protect these animals, the pride of India.

Asiatic cheetah

Asiatic cheetah

This is the time now to reintroduce Cheetah in the Jungles of India, Government wanted to import Cheetah from Iran because Asiatic Cheetah use to roam from Central Iran, Afghanistan to the state of Tamil Nadu in Deep South India but Iran denied, there only 50-70 Cheetahs left in Iran and they are getting killed now and then due to road accidents and other factors, talks with Iran have stopped since 2009

One of the possible sites of reintroduction is Palpur-Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh where it was traditionally know that all Big Cats co-existed together since centuries

African Cheetah was to be reintroduced but was also got hold because in 2012 this matter was in Supreme Court due to various state and non state reasons and one main reason which I have understood was the fight of monopoly of Asiatic Lions by Gujarat as Gujarat earns major share revenue from tourism and it didn’t want Asiatic Lions to go anywhere else. If Cheetah gets introduced in Madhya Pradesh, like Gujarat it will have monopoly, copyright and trademark for Madhya Pradesh and everything is now getting messed up

But environmentalist and people of India must have to rethink the importance of conservation and protection of wildlife; we need to teach our children about environment protection and importance Jungles

In cities we are facing the serious crisis of natural and non polluted air, jungles are getting lost day by day, the natural buffer mechanism by which the air filtration was done by the surrounding forest is now lost and no new town is being built in keeping in mind that we need to filter out the harmful air of the cities

People who are capable in India will surely buy air filters and will drink revered osmosis purified water but what about the major poor population which suffers from lung diseases because of loss of natural mechanism to purify air resulted from degradation of forest

Introduction of Cheetah in the forests in India will be a motivation for children and others in India, they will surely want to develop more habitats for these animals to help them survive and will build new forest and wildlife then in return forest will help to save our planet

Forests are mechanism to bring rainfall, filter ground water and they play a vital role in filtering air, buffer forests must need to be built around every city and who will do this?

We all need to do this, reintroduce Cheetah and set example for all that we care our animals and need to motivate people that we need to rebuild our forest for the betterment of every species on this planet

Speed up things because modern developed India need to be a balanced in every aspect

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