Use iPhone and Android to Control Arduino Robots

If you an enthusiastic programmer and an electronic explorer then here is something that will grab your attention, I am talking nothing but Arduino

Arduino is a programmable microcontroller board, which is extensively used in Robotic Controls, and by hobbyist to make computer controlled bots

Aruino is an Open Source Board and Software which is invented in Italy and contains 32 bit Atmel ARM processor

You can buy Arduino boards from

In India you can buy Arduino boards from

Elements 14 is very good website, you buy many other electric components from there

Ardunio projects includes right from controlling simple LED arrays to Android and iPhone controlled toys and devices

Here are some of projects that people have created using Ardunio Boards

  • Home Automation Server with Arduino + Ethernet shield
  • Smartphone controlled Dice Roller
  • Make an automatic night light which switches on when its dark
  • Automatic exhaust fan in the toilet that turns on and off with a methane sensor and relay
  • Create color changing xmas decoration which always shows beautiful color
  • An electronic thermostat for a fridge/freezer combination FridgeController.
  • Electronic nose with eight Taguchi gas sensors and an Arduino Nano
  • Make a speedometer for your vehicle using a hall effect sensor and a magnet
  • Auto-internals: read OBDII data from your car and display the state of the sensors
  • Voice recognition library
  • Cycling computer
  • Remote controlled desktop missile launcher

You can do anything with Ardino only your imagination is your limit, explore yourself with Ardino

To learn basic of Ardino I have some excellent resources for you

Here are some basic video tutorials which will help you to get started with Ardunio, these videos are created by young engineer Jeremy Blum, I have found them very easy to understand right from very basic of Ardunio to making advanced GPS logger

To support him you can also buy his book from Amazon, I have read his book, and it goes perfectly with his Video Tutorials

I hope you will create some intresting prohjects which with Ardunio and for more reference you can watch Youtube videos and can search on Google, there are literally numerious resources avaible online with Ardunio

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