What you will prefer an Air Bag or a Music System in your Car?

According to National Crime Records Bureau, no. of deaths in road accidents in India is 135,000 per year and that is an official figure, we all know how official figure is concocted in India and how many road accidents go unreported, even if we believe in that low number, the number of death toll in India per hour due to road accident will be about 15.4 per hour and forgot about the number of fatal and non fatal injured and number of permanent disabilities that people get in road accidents

So that was the fact, but another interesting and surprising fact is, according to most recent survey done by a news channel people of India will like to have a sophisticated audio system rather than having an air bag in their cars, utter hilarious biggest joke and stupidity


What is the scenario in Europe and America?

Car companies are not allowed to manufacture and sell any cars in Europe and America without air bags and without passing the safety norms of crash test (Insurance institute of Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute in USA and New Car Assessment Program of Europe are some safety rating institutes) these institutes rate and check every car that is going in market and cars with good safety ratings are only allowed to be manufactured

Even a small budget car has to go through strict safety test norms and all manufactures in the world who sell cars in USA and Europe have to follow those norms and protocols, these Indian born companies which want to sell cars in Europe and America reluctantly follow all norms and safety measures and for India they have an excuse…


What is the excuse of car manufactures in India?

There are no car safety norms in India and people don’t demand it, they want music systems rather than air bags, and air bags are only for luxury and are equipped only in luxury cars

So you will not find a single air bag in cars priced below 5 Lakh Indian Rupees and cars below 5 lakh are most sold in India and that is what common Indians dream and buy

The fact of the matter is, these same cars will not be allowed to be sold in USA and Europe whether it is from an Indian manufacturer or foreign manufacturer and

Every manufacturer in India is doing the same, no one is worried about your safety neither the companies nor the Government

What is Crash Test?

Crash test is a destructive testing method where the crash worthiness of cars is tested; it employs test dummies enabled with various test sensors, the accelerometers, the gyroscopes, the force and pressure sensors

Car is made to be crashed and everything is simulated in laboratories, every aspect and features of car is tested and its effect on various parameters of dummies is recorded and analysed and a computer simulation model is prepared based on crash data

Behaviour of dummies is matched with real humans if we replace the dummies with humans, what will happen on humans, cars with modern safety measures pass with good ratings

Many of Indian Cars below 5 lakhs, all popular one; have got close to zero ratings


What are Air Bags and how much they cost?

An air bag is just like a balloon which expands when crash happens and encapsulates the person and provides cushion to protect him from colliding with dashboards, steering column etc.

Air bags have Sodium Azide as propellant which releases large amount of Nitrogen gas to fill the bags

The tiger mechanism during crash, is a micro-electro-mechanical accelerometer with integrated circuits which is programmed and simulated in various test conditions

Cost of an air bag is nominal, it is just $50 (or Rs 3200 approx) per air bag, and cost of a music system is $200 or Rs 13000

So for with the cost of one music system you can have 4 air bags in your car

Pay $100 more and have six

4 for front and 2 for back and your car is safe for most crashes




What is a Crash Safety Design?

Based on various crash data, crash save design is done and a safety protocol is laid down, based on which it is essential to have a car with

  • Seat belts for both front and back
  • Air bags must be essentially employed
  • Head rest cushion is also a safety feature designed to protect head during collisions
  • Space frame or main structure and frame work of the car must be such that it must take the energy of collision
  • Collision avoidance system are also an important feature of a modern car, designed with various sensors and drive asset mechanisms to help driver to take quick actions to avoid collisions


What you must see for safety when to buy your car?

First create a demand for air bags, because it is a simple law of economics that when you demand then only supply is created, so you must demand for air bags in cars

You must first enquire for safety features of the cars and its crash test ratings; if possible buy cars with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and seats belts which are designed to as per standards of crash test

Air bags must be most essential feature of the car and the manufactures must fit it in their cars, people must be aware of their safety and must demand government for safety norms so that car manufacturers must manufacture cars with safety features without excuse

Even the cheapest car must come with air bags


Future Cars and Intelligent Systems

Car companies are designing such cars that there is no collision at all, they are equipped with intelligent systems that self react during collisions and provide visual guidance and audio alertness to the driver, fitted with computers that will gather data from highways and highway sensors and will automatically feed the car computers which will help the driver to find his way easily, GPS location, Radars and LIDAR guidance will help cars to communicate with each other, so future is going to be far better in car technology


Currently cars safety norms and cash test systems need to be constructed in India, car safety not only include the safely of driver and passengers but also to others who are on road and will be effected during collisions

Safety is for everyone whether he is on road or inside his car


India wake up, a campaign for not to drink and drive is very important but also we need to wake up our government to quickly implement the road safety norms and make them to implement design and manufacturing standards for safety

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